The Wake from Lucera Labs is a new alarm clock that claims to wake only one sleeper with a personal sunrise and sounds if a person is sharing their bed with a partner, as reported by The Telegraph.

The ‘Wake’ attaches to the ceiling and targets individual sleepers with a sharply focussed beam of light so that their nearby loved one can slumber on in peace.

The device is the brainchild of Lucera Labs, a design and engineering company based in Los Angeles, California, who claim it can work even if a couple are snuggled up together.

Taylor Mitchell, 32, software expert at Lucera Labs, said: “Many of us start our days jolted out of bed, being blared at by a smartphone or alarm clock. If you’ve ever gone camping, you know that your body naturally eases out of sleep as the sunlight and sounds of the world enter your consciousness.

“This is the experience we’re trying to replicate with Wake. There’s nothing about waking up that should be ‘alarming’.”

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