According to a CBS 46 news report, a DeKalb County jury awarded a metro Atlanta mother $20 million after her son died during a sleep study at Emory University.

Brandon Harris, 25, died in 2010. A video recording inside the sleep study room showed Harris raising his hand multiple times before someone answered his call nearly 15 minutes later. His oxygen levels had dropped and he was heard saying, “Oh my god,” and at one point, “I feel like I’m about to die.”

Sunshine Lewis claimed no one took appropriate action to save her son’s life.

“Still hurting, still a lot of pain there. A pain that will never go away, but relief that justice has been served,” Lewis said.

In the past, Emory has defended the actions of its staff and a spokesperson has said Harris died from sudden cardiac death, and that its staff acted appropriately in attending to him.

Lewis disagreed and filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Emory and was awarded $20 million.

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