The 2006 Summit Creative Awards competition has awarded Gold and Silver awards to the National Sleep Foundation’s (NSF) interactive online program to educate the public about healthy sleep.  "Cycles of Sleeping and Waking with the Doze Family," an animated and interactive online program created by the NSF, features four computer-animated characters with common problems getting enough sleep. By reviewing the habits of the Doze Family characters (Joe, 45; Jane, 43; Grandpa, 75; and Minnie, 16), the program shows people how the systems of sleeping and waking work in daily life, and how they affect sleep patterns at different ages.

According to the NSF, the Summit Awards organization is "dedicated to furthering excellence in the communications industry." It “administers rigorous awards competitions," including the Creative Awards competition NSF entered. This year, entries came from 26 countries. NSF received the Gold award for the "Health/Medicine Website" category and the Silver award for the “Health/Lifestyle Website” category.

"Cycles of Sleeping and Waking with the Doze Family" can be viewed online at