You can do it! Here are 10 ways you can prepare for the RPSGT exam:

1. Start early—begin at least 6 months, preferably a year, before the exam.

2. Mark off regular study times on your calendar, and stick to that schedule.

3. Connect with a study partner, identify a mentor, and find (or start) a study group.

4. Build in review sessions as you go along, so you do not forget material you studied early in the process.

5. Periodically check the examination content outline to stay on track.

6. Use available tools, such as the BRPT study guide and suggested reading lists.

7. Create tools that work for you, such as flashcards, dedicated notebooks, and/or audiotapes.

8. Take the online practice exams.

9. Keep informed by adding your name to the BRPT’s online mailing list. Simply send your e-mail address to [email protected].

10. Check the BRPT Web site at periodically for news and information.