NovaSom Inc, a privately held diagnostic-service provider for home sleep testing, has entered a preferred relationship to aid HealthAmerica

How do agreements such as the one between HealthAmerica and NovaSom impact your sleep lab and your patients? View the discussion at Sleep Review‘s LinkedIn page.

with managing its sleep disorder diagnostic expenses.

Under the agreement, HealthAmerica will direct physicians and patients to the NovaSom Home Sleep Test instead of in-facility testing for diagnosing OSA, when clinically appropriate.

"HealthAmerica is driving the adoption of home sleep tests as the preferred solution for addressing the OSA epidemic," said John Wallendjack, MD, medical director, HealthAmerica. "NovaSom has invested in clinical content, work flow process, and technology solutions to enable us to rationalize OSA diagnosis and redirect testing to the home, when clinically appropriate."

NovaSom’s field-based provider relations team is educating physicians and their staff throughout Pennsylvania about the benefits of home sleep testing and the HealthAmerica program.

"OSA is one of the most serious and under-diagnosed medical problems in our country," said Richard Hassett, MD, CEO, NovaSom Inc. "The prevailing approach to diagnosing OSA using in-facility overnight sleep center studies is both costly and limited in its capacity to serve large numbers of patients. The company’s proprietary home sleep testing service is proven to be clinically appropriate and as accurate as lab-based study for OSA detection in most patients."