Four students The Netherlands’ Delft University of Technology have created a prototype robot called “Somnox,” which their product website describes as a “non-medicinal solution in the form of a soft robotic friend that actively helps you sleep.” Somnox enables you to fall asleep more easily, experience more deep sleep, and wake up more energized, its creators—an industrial designer, a mechanical engineer, and two software engineers, with minors of robotics—say.

According to the website, “Somnox has multiple high-sensitive sensors that gather lots of data. Data that can be used to see whether you are awake or in a lovely deep sleep. We created an artificial intelligent algorithm that can interpret the data to come up with a tailor-made ‘treatment.'” The treatment consists of adjusting its simulated breathing throughout the night based on the users’ breathing. It also contains bluetooth speakers to relay bedtime stories and a dawn simulator feature.