HoMedics is a new official sleep-conditioning partner of the National Sleep Foundation. More than 10 HoMedics sleep-conditioning and sleep-therapy products for adults and infants will feature the National Sleep Foundation’s seal, including its SoundSpa Mini, SoundSpa Slumber Scents, and MyBaby Lullaby.

“We’re excited about working with HoMedics on educating Americans about the importance of sound conditioners for providing noise-free sleep,” says David Cloud, CEO of the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), in a release. “Combining the National Sleep Foundation’s cause to improve sleep health and safety through education with these high-quality products accelerates the foundation’s ability to help the public.”

HoMedics’ SoundSpa line of sound-technology products helps adults and infants alike rest their overactive and/or distracted minds using white noise and relaxing nature sounds, such as a rainforest or campfire, according to HoMedics, which adds that sounds are designed to soothe the senses, encourage sleep, and maintain deep sleep for a refreshed morning.

SoundSpa technology has been digitally mastered with the help of sound engineers to produce white noise and environmental sounds; its sleep-therapy programs begin the user’s sleep ritual with nature sounds that softly transition into brown noise.

HoMedics’ portable sound products make travel less disruptive to sleep patterns, according to the company, reducing distracting noises and maintaining sleep routines developed at home. HoMedics’ SoundSpa Ultra Portable Rechargeable Sound Machine is equipped with an auto-off timer that can be set for 15, 30, or 60 minutes, a travel lock to prevent the battery from being drained during travel, and lets users make the best use of the 12-hour rechargeable lithium-ion battery while on the go.

Adrea Simmons, Senior Product Manager of Sleep Solutions for HoMedics, says, “Our main goal at HoMedics is to help our consumers relax and improve their overall well-being. We know a quality night’s sleep is a necessity to help everyone be at their best throughout the day. The National Sleep Foundation is a recognized and respected name for promoting sleep health education and advocacy, and we look forward to partnering with them to help more people achieve restful sleep.”