SnoreMart Inc just launched its “Superstore for Everything Snore,” an online commerce site.

More than 50 antisnoring devices and products are available on, from sound therapy systems and oral appliances, to chin straps and pillows. SnoreMart also provides consumer-focused information on the causes of snoring, its adverse health effects, and the various options for treating snoring and sleep apnea. was recently approved by consumer protection service Doctor Trusted to display a doctor’s seal of approval. says it earned this certification through a strict application process, and careful evaluation of the website and products offered. Criteria for approval include fair pricing, reasonable medical claims, and protection of customer data.

“Snoring affects approximately 90 million American adults, but many who suffer from its adverse effects don’t realize that effective, affordable relief is available. SnoreMart’s mission is to help people take control and conquer snoring for good,” says Patrick Tessier, SnoreMart Inc founder and president, in a release. ”We are excited to launch and proud of our Doctor Trusted certification.”