MicroDental Laboratories is now offering a 3-year warranty for its MicrO2 Sleep Device. The MicrO2 is a CAD/CAM milled device made from control cured PMMA. Also new for MicroDental is the “Find a Doctor” search engine enabling MicrO2 prescribing dentists to be featured on the MicrO2SleepDevice.com website as a Preferred Provider.

“The MicrO2 Sleep Device is proving itself, not only as an innovative sleep device, but a durable one as well. So in only one year after launch, we feel very good about extending our warranty from 2 to 3 years,” says David Kuhns, MicroDental’s senior director of product development & technical sales, in a release. “Additionally, the popularity of the device has doctors across the country prescribing the MicrO2, giving us the momentum and coverage to launch our Find a Doctor search engine to better help patients and MicrO2 doctors connect.”

Featuring a patent pending design and a precision milling production process, the MicrO2 is able to utilize a PMMA material that is cured under controlled conditions. These aspects allow the MicrO2 to be small yet strong, precise, and predictable. The MicrO2 also features a unique approach to titration that is intended to make the device easier to use for the dentist and the patient.

All dentists currently prescribing the MicrO2 Sleep Device are eligible to be listed in the MicrO2SleepDevice.com site search engine under “Find A Doctor.” This “Find A Doctor” feature is found at the top of the home page and can be used by consumers to locate their nearest MicrO2 Sleep Device doctor. This will help bring recognition and participation of these doctors to the consumers seeking treatment to OSA and CPAP alternatives. Dentist can opt-in simply by filling out the “Join Doctor List” under the “Doctors” option in the navigation bar.