Dental sleep medicine therapy maker DynaFlex has entered into a strategic alliance with Rhinogram, a loud-based, HIPAA-compliant, telehealth solutions to offer its client network with the ability to provide virtual visits for patients, as well as communicate in real-time via simple texts (SMS) and multimedia texts (MMS).

“Our nation has recently seen an increase in the necessity for both virtual care and remote patient engagement. These capabilities are more essential now than ever before. However, the demand from patients for easy access to healthcare is nothing new,” says Keith Dressler, DDS, MSD, Rhinogram’s CEO and chairman, in a release. “We are looking forward to our alliance with DynaFlex that will open the door for even more practices and providers across the nation to remove the barriers between themselves and their patients.”

DynaFlex competes in five dental related markets: orthodontic products, orthodontic laboratory, dental sleep medicine, clear aligners, and digital office solutions. “When looking to implement new technology for the DynaFlex community, we turned to Rhinogram because they are committed to innovative technology that drives efficiency and results for the practices they serve,” says Mike Parlante, director of business development at DynaFlex, in a release. “As organizations all across the nation shift to virtual care, we are proud to bring our clients the Rhinogram telehealth platform to assist in providing simple and secure remote care.”

Rhinogram enables providers to securely communicate with patients via two-way texting at any time from their mobile device to address appointment requests, clinical questions, refill requests, medical records access, and more. The Rhinogram platform also provides facilitation of virtual visits with patients in real-time. Rhinogram integrates with most EHR and PMS systems, synchronizing secure, encrypted patient communication into clinical workflows. It also includes a message-triage to appropriate team members, allowing the scheduling team to handle appointments, billing staff to field financial and insurance queries, and freeing clinical team members to address care concerns. The complete history of SMS messages is archived in the patient’s communication record, allowing practitioners to reference past communication with their patients. With Rhinogram, patients do not have to download an app or log into a portal to communicate with their clinician or office staff.