Respicardia Inc, a developer of implantable therapies to improve respiratory and cardiovascular health, won the Best Innovation of 2014 from Cardiovascular Research Technologies (CRT) and CV Pipeline for the remed? System, an implantable device for the treatment of central sleep apnea.

“Central sleep apnea is associated with increased mortality and hospitalization and can affect nearly half of all heart failure patients and one-third of atrial fibrillation patients,” says Dr Robin Germany, chief medical officer of Respicardia, in a release. Kris James, a developer of the remed? System, further notes that “the System is a fully implantable transvenous neurostimulation technology designed to stabilize CO2 levels and restore normal sleep and breathing to patients.”

The System has received CE mark in Europe and is currently being evaluated in an FDA-approved pivotal trial at 25 centers in the United States, with additional centers in Europe. Results from the pilot study showed statistically significant and clinically meaningful improvements in sleep parameters at 6-month follow-up. Patients experienced a greater than 50% decrease in the apnea-hypopnea index, improved oxygenation by over 50%, decreased arousals, and improved quality of life.

“It was a pleasure to participate in this year’s Cardiovascular Innovation Award competition at CRT,” says Bonnie Labosky, President and CEO of Respicardia. “With more than 30 unique technologies considered, we are pleased that the remed? System was selected as the Top Innovation of 2014.”