The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded Nexalin Technology Inc a new patent relating to its method of use, which covers key aspects of the technology that enables patients to receive treatment from the privacy of their homes.

The newly issued USPTO patent entitled, “Transcranial Alternating Current Dynamic Frequency Stimulation Method for Anxiety, Depression and Insomnia (ADI),” covers the method of use utilized in Nexalin’s Gen-3 HALO Clarity system.

“This method of use patent award marks a major achievement for the company and follows another recent patent covering our core technology,” says Mark White, CEO of Nexalin Technology, in a release. “These patents extend through 2040 and are a critical element of our overall strategy, given the mounting clinical data supporting the benefits of our noninvasive, deep frequency brain stimulation technology in the fields of insomnia, depression, and anxiety. A key differentiator for our new Gen-3 HALO Clarity is that, for the first time, it enables patients to receive this treatment in the privacy of their own homes with remote monitoring by a physician in Nexalin’s Virtual Clinic.

“Importantly, we are advancing our strategy for regulatory clearance in the US, while focusing on commercial rollout in a variety of overseas markets. Overall we are more confident than ever in the outlook for the business and our potential to transform the standard of care for the treatment of mental health disorders, as well as reducing the growing dependence on drugs that are often ineffective and may have undesirable side effects.”

The Gen-3 system reflects development of Nexalin’s Deep Intracranial Frequency Stimulation (DIFS) technology. The company’s technology uses a digital advancement in electrical waveforms to provide deep and painless brain neural stimulation. The Gen-3 system is applied through the placement of strategically positioned electrodes on the patient’s cranium, and provides deep stimulation to regions of the brain associated with mental health conditions, according to Nexalin.

The Nexalin Gen-2 15 milliamp neurostimulation device was recently approved in Oman and China.