Signature Sleep Services has reached an agreement with ZWare Inc to integrate its mobile patient referral generator application with a vendor neutral home sleep testing (HST) management program.

This begins the first phase of development that will allow SleepScreener to transfer relevant HST patient information including demographic and insurance fields over to the ZWare HST application.

Sleep960 has developed SleepScreener, a Web-based patient referral generator that can identify patients suitable for HST, and ZWare has developed a HST management program compatible with multiple leading HST devices.

One of the biggest issues within the health care industry is the inability for related software applications to communicate and exchange patient information fields. This gap often forces needless redundant data entry resulting in errors and a waste of valuable time. Both companies are aware this is a problem and have dedicated resources to develop a seamless integration between their products.

“SleepScreener does a great job of screening and referring patients with sleep disorders in a health care setting but that’s only the beginning of the cycle,” says Michael Clark, VP of sales and business development for Sleep960. “The next step for most of these patients is the diagnostic process, which in many cases is home sleep testing. In order to make this process run more efficiently, an interface is required to pass a variety of information fields directly into the ZWare HST application.”

“This interface will allow sleep centers using both applications to more efficiently handle the patient screening and home sleep testing process,” stated Craig Wilson, CEO of ZWare. “In order to begin the HST process, a number of patient information fields must be manually entered into ZWare. However, once the interface with SleepScreener, is complete this initialization function will be accomplished within a split second with no data entry errors.”