Sleep deprivation is a common problem, affecting more than a third of American adults. Healthline reports on some of the emerging tech that is designed to help people get better shuteye.

Wearable technology makes tracking your sleep a cinch, with gadgets picking up on your heart rate variability, activity levels, and even how much time you’re spending in each sleep phase.

Check out trackers like the Oura Ring, which tracks key signals from your body while you sleep, or Whoop, which is designed to track sleep for peak performance.

Sleep sensor mats are another option for tracking sleep. Brands like Withings can help you assess your sleep quality and make small enhancements, like dimming the lights before you go to sleep, or programming the thermostat to the optimal morning temperature.

It’s all neatly displayed in their Health Mate app, where you can check your sleep score and work toward improving it.

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