Sleep center software company REMware and sleep auto-scoring and artificial intelligence (AI) company EnsoData have signed a partnership agreement. The companies say that the strategic relationship will enable them to accelerate innovation and growth of their products and services in the sleep industry as well as create greater efficiencies for sleep center operations.
REMware’s platform REM Manager provides enterprise resource planning software that automates back office operation of sleep centers. Itsecosystem tracks all management components, including DME, workflow tasks, scheduling, EMR, patient and physician portals, patient communication (text, email and phone), smart fax and credit card integration, and billing/claims and collections. EnsoData’s waveform AI leverages a wealth of archived clinical data to train its proprietary artificial intelligence engine. Its FDA-cleared solution EnsoSleep uses AI and machine learning to analyze and score sleep studies within 5 to 10 minutes.

The new relationship will integrate REMware and EnsoData’s cloud-based platforms and allow users to automatically enhance overall functionality with no additional installations or user interventions.

“Working closely together was the logical next step since we have shared clients since 2017, all of whom seek to improve productivity and cut costs,” says Arun Ramabadran, CEO of Florida-based REMware, in a release. “As a software engineer and previous sleep center owner, I appreciate the flexibility and design of EnsoData’s software and realize what it means to the global sleep center industry. Working together enables our clients to greatly improve the operational efficiency of the process flow end-to-end.”

Chris Fernandez, EnsoData’s CEO, says, “This joint collaboration will enable our technology-driven companies to accelerate innovation in the field of sleep medicine, leading to new developments to transform the delivery of care and enable clinicians to spend more time personalizing patient care and less time on data in a way that improves
access, outcomes, satisfaction and costs.”