The system delivers magnetic frequencies tailored to enhance each stage of sleep, with a company study of 67 subjects showing 73% reported improvements in sleep quality.

Summary: Soltec Health has developed a sleep system utilizing magnetic frequencies to support specific nervous system functions for improved sleep. This system, including a wearable device and a magnetic conditioner, is designed to work in real-time to enhance sleep stages, particularly the restorative deep Delta sleep. Initial feedback from a study involving 67 participants has shown positive results, with significant improvements in sleep restoration, deep sleep, and total sleep time reported. 

Key Takeaways:

  • The technology developed by Soltec Health employs magnetic frequencies designed to interact with the nervous system, specifically to augment the quality of sleep.
  • It features a wearable device that monitors the wearer’s sleep cycles, signaling a separate device to emit frequencies that match and enhance the current sleep stage.
  • Research involving 67 subjects who participated in over 7,772 sleep sessions demonstrated that 73% experienced notable improvements in their sleep, with enhancements in the depth and overall quality of sleep noted.

Soltec Health, a sleep and stress innovation, has developed a technology that relies on magnetic frequencies to support certain nervous system functions to improve sleep. The Soltec Health System delivers real-time, sleep stage-specific magnetic frequencies as needed for improved sleep, including restorative deep Delta sleep.

The Z•TRACK wrist wearable stages your sleep throughout the night and instructs the Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner in real time to emit the proper frequencies to enhance each stage of sleep.

A New Approach to Improve Sleep

The Soltec System for sleep improvement and stress reduction is comprised of three components (Z•TRACK Analyst,  Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner,  and the SOLTEC•Z app) that are synchronized in a real-time, closed-loop process. 

The Z•TRACK wearable measures multiple sleep biometrics continuously to determine your current sleep stage and detect transitions to the next stage of sleep (REM, deep, or light sleep). 

Everyone has a unique sleep stage cycle, and the system can detect sleep stage transitions as they occur. When your sleep stage begins to change, the wearable transmits instructions to Z•GEN (the therapeutic device of the system) to emit sleep stage-specific magnetic frequencies that support the newly active sleep stage. This process is known as real-time sleep stage enhancement.

The adjustments made and resulting sleep improvements can be seen in the morning using the SOLTEC•Z app. A company study of 67 subjects, encompassing 7,772 sleep sessions, revealed that 73% of users reported positive responses. Statistically significant improvements in sleep restoration, deep sleep, and total sleep time were demonstrated. Restorative, deep sleep is critical for peak performance, physical recovery, and immune health. 

Continued research and development to further personalize the system will deliver ongoing improvements to users via software updates, according to a release from Soltec Health. Soltec Health plans to partner with other companies to enable expanded access to the Z•GEN Magnetic Conditioner, which accounts for the therapeutic benefits.

A History of Innovation

The technology’s approach to sleep and stress improvement is another in a series of developments by Dan Cohen, MD, a neurologist whose previous innovations include an automated brainwave monitor for use in surgery, the automation of polysomnographic analysis for sleep labs, a non-invasive device for inducing deep relaxation, and the Breathe Right nasal strips.

The system is currently available for purchase. The Soltec System is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.