Breathe Right will be insuring three “extraordinary noses” with a million dollar insurance policy each, as well as awarding them each a 24-karat Breathe Right nasal strip. The policies and the custom nasal strips have been awarded to three individuals whose noses are crucial to their career. George Aldrich, official outer space odor tester, Nick Littlehales, a celebrity sleep coach, and breathing enthusiast and lifestyle influencer Poppy Jamie. The brand has enlisted the trio to help showcase the important link between breathing and sleep to help America breathe right at night.

“Nasal congestion and allergies are one of the biggest culprits of sleepless nights, and many people are unaware of how important nose breathing is to a good night’s sleep,” says Kristen Casavale, Breathe Right associate brand manager, in a release. “George, Nick, and Poppy each have unique careers, where their noses and their breathing—quite literally—are at the forefront of the work they do every day. We’re excited to work with them to educate congestion sufferers about the importance of breathing better to sleep better. In fact, we are so passionate about a good night’s sleep, we want everyone to try a Breathe Right Strip. Free samples are available at”

Aldrich says, “As a space sniffer, I use my nose in a different way than most people. While I know my job may sound a bit bizarre, the reality is that my nose is the last line of protection between dangerous odors and the brave men and women who explore space.If I can’t breathe right during the day or night, it affects the ability to do my job and therefore, I can’t do my part in helping keep our astronauts safe. I’m honored to accept the 24-karat Breathe Right nasal strip, as well as the insurance policy for my nose, as it represents how important my nose and breathing are.”