Edia Inc, a company made of entrepreneurial moms and dads, showcased at SLEEP 2014 the Elo Storytelling Pillow. The doctor-developed pillow comes preloaded with audible stories and music that start when children lay their heads on the pillow, but stop if they lift their heads up–encouraging them to stay in bed and fall asleep.

“Parents everywhere hear similar, and very creative, excuses from their kids at bedtime–she wants water, he’s not tired, it’s too dark, there’s a monster in the closet,” says Killian Rieder, cofounder, in a release. “Our Elo certainly doesn’t replace Mom and Dad reading stories to their kids; it just helps them along when they need the extra help.”

The pillow was conceived by four friends–parents and grandparents–who saw an opportunity to help children and parents with cutting-edge technology. A team of doctors and child psychologists took it from there, developing a proprietary formula that helps soothe and relax kids as they prepare for bed.

“As a member of the ‘Dreams Team’ for the Elo Storytelling Pillow, I know full well how it helps shape positive habits by teaching kids how to go to sleep and stay asleep,” says Dr Timothy Culbert, developmental behavioral pediatrician and medical director for a multidisciplinary mental health-focused clinic in Chaska, Minn.

The Elo Storytelling Pillow is available online for preorders only at www.theelo.com. It will ship in August.