A company named Seraphin is launching an open platform designed to deliver a digital detox; that is, helping change habits to combat digital disruption. The Seraphin bedside book sets a digital curfew, encasing mobile devices to remove digital temptation, helping users relax with music and light routines, monitoring sleep for better recovery from the day, and delivering a daily digital detox report. The platform integrates with multiple applications and services including the isommeil sleep application, Radioline, and Apple Watch. Demonstrations of Seraphin can be seen at CES Unveiled and in Eureka Park booth 50929 and in the Sands Hall booth 43131 Jan 8 – 11.

“More and more people are tied to digital devices and from our research its greatest impact is on an individual’s sleep. Actions can be put in place to improve sleep. For example, a reproduction of dusk light to fall asleep and a dawn simulator to provide the user a good awakening. In addition, smartphone dependence can be changed with simple practices for falling asleep. Solutions exist and Seraphin groups them into one simple platform,” say Maxime Elbaz, PhD, and Damien Leger, cofounder of isommeil, in a release.

Place mobile devices into Seraphin’s bedside book, removing digital disruption. While in the book, Seraphin turns the mobile phone into a bedside lamp and can deliver a light routine to help relaxation. Seraphin also counts the number of times users reach for their phone during the night. In the morning, Seraphin wakes users with soothing sounds, radio or podcast, and a waking light routine. Finally Seraphin delivers an analysis of the quality of a user’s sleep with recommendations on how to get better rest. The Seraphin platform includes:

  • Bedside Book: turns a mobile phone into a smart light bulb for a bedside lamp; also delivers a relaxation and waking light routine and a phone charger.
  • Seraphin App: alerting user to their digital curfew through a sleep timer and providing digital detox daily report.
  • Apple Watch Integration: integrating sleep duration, cycle, and heart rate into a personalized report.
  • Isommeil App Integration: science-based algorithm that monitors and measures the quality of sleep and provides recommendations for healthier habits.
  • Radioline App: offers a catalog of ambient sounds, podcasts, radio stations, music, and literature to help relax and wake refreshed.

The Seraphin bedside sleepbook is priced $49.99 and will be available in Fall 2019.

“Seraphin is the first step in helping people digitally detox. With our open platform, Seraphin can deliver a host of capabilities to help users during the day and at night,” says Pascal Araujo, CEO of Seraphin. “Our goal is to help users find a healthy balance between the technologies they love and the time needed to recover from that exposure. We are excited to build a technology, platform and ecosystem around Seraphin that addresses the real challenges and implications of a modern world.”