CareTouch Communications Inc has launched a new Managed Services Program for home medical equipment (HME) providers who won recent Medicare bids. The program is focused on enhancing revenues and profitability by utilizing the CareTouch360 platform designed to help sleep apnea patients achieve therapy compliance through regular, documented communication at established intervals.

CareTouch engages with patients on behalf of the HME during the adherence and maintenance phases of therapy. During the first 90 days of therapy, the CareTouch Managed Services Program engages with patients, monitors the adoption of PAP therapy, documents compliance, and alerts the HME regarding any issues that require attention. The provider is able to manage by exception, by focusing only on the patients who need assistance, which saves time and reduces costs. In the maintenance phase of therapy, CareTouch engages patients on resupply needs at the right time, and through the patient’s desired method of communication including IVR, live call, email, or web.

“With a 47% cut in Medicare reimbursement, HMEs who won the Medicare bid are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenue,” explained Matthew Dolph, vice president of CareTouch. “HMEs know that they must embrace best practices and maximize the use of technology in order to remain profitable, and the CareTouch Managed Services Program does just that while meeting all of the Medicare requirements.”