Bedjet LLC will be debuting its BedJet bedding comfort system at the Las Vegas Market home show July 27. The BedJet is an ultra-rapid bed cooling, heating, and climate control system, providing near instant control for users’ sleep temperature preferences.

The BedJet’s patent-pending DirectConvect air technology is capable of warming the bedding of a king size bed to the feel of a hot towel just out of the dryer in a mere 180 seconds, according to the company. BedJet powered cooling and ventilation instantly disperses accumulated body moisture and heat out from the bed, cooling users off faster than possible by any bedroom air conditioner. BedJet cooling also delivers instant relief to those suffering from night sweats or bedtime hot flashes, a release says.

Solving the age-old problem of lost sleep from being too hot or too cold in bed, the system is operated from an intuitive bedside remote control. The BedJet is also the bedding industry’s first product to integrate users’ bedding temperature and sleep comfort preferences with their smartphones and tablets, via integrated Bluetooth connection. The sophisticated BedJet software app allows intelligent programming, dispatch, and control directly from users’ smartphones and tablets. Via the smartphone app, users can even program the BedJet to wake them up in the morning with a cold blast of air as an alarm.

Mark Aramli, inventor of the technology, says in a release: “The BedJet is the most powerful and technologically advanced temperature management technology ever released for the bedding and sleep comfort market. Engineers, medical device technologists, and sleep doctors from four countries have collaborated on its design and development. Sleep science is more and more correlating deep and restful sleep to proper bed temperature regulation and the BedJet offers an industry unique solution.” Aramli has previously held engineering responsibilities supporting the heating, cooling, and climactic comfort systems of the NASA space suit used by astronauts during space walks.

The BedJet system is easily installed in minutes with any size bed, any type mattress, and users’ existing bedding. The low profile system fits under nearly any bed frame, or at the foot of the bed. An optional dual zone accessory allows couples to enjoy different temperature preferences for each half of the bed using independent remote controls. The DirectConvect air technology on the BedJet also includes patent pending acoustic dampeners, enabling the system to be quieter than any room air conditioner or window fan and operate at the near silent level of a typical household HVAC register. The BedJet does not require users to sleep on any special mattress foam toppers, wires, or tubes as required by other products that attempt powered bed thermal control, the company says.

“We applaud the mattress industry’s developments with mattress gel technologies, cooling gel foams, and improved ventilation designs, but none of these passive thermal management approaches can match the active electric powered cooling or heating luxury experience of the BedJet,” says Aramli.

The BedJet booth can be found at the Las Vegas Market summer show on the 15th floor of building C, in the Specialty Sleep Association showroom at C1565.