Corbett Visits DeVilbiss

Pennsylvania Gov Tom Corbett (center) speaks with Rick Letosky, DeVilbiss manufacturing manager, and Ed Murphy, DeVilbiss president and CEO, about the DeVilbiss suction units.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett recently visited DeVilbiss Healthcare’s corporate headquarters in Somerset, Pa, and commended the company for its efforts in bringing jobs back to the United States. Gov Corbett met with DeVilbiss’ management team, toured the manufacturing facility, and addressed the company’s more than 200 on-site employees. “DeVilbiss Healthcare’s decision to move production back to Somerset is a testament to the company’s visionary leaders and the hardworking men and women that are producing innovative products for people throughout the world,” he said. “We are building a stronger Pennsylvania where innovative companies like DeVilbiss can grow and compete in the global marketplace.”

Bringing China-based production lines back to the Somerset facility has created a total of more than 25 direct assembly, engineering, and quality jobs, and several indirect vendor jobs.

“We’re proud of what we do,” said DeVilbiss President and CEO Ed Murphy. “When you are working in health care manufacturing, quality is not just No. 1; it’s No. 2, 3, and 4 also.”

In August 2012, DeVilbiss determined the optimal solution was to relocate the production of the China-based product lines back to Somerset as a way to accelerate the continuous quality improvement program for these products. This project, completed in November 2013, was financed by Somerset Trust Company and backed by a USDA business and industry loan guarantee.

The production lines brought back to Somerset were for the DeVilbiss iFill Oxygen Filling Station, compressor nebulizer systems, and the 5-liter oxygen concentrator.