Fisher & Paykel Healthcare announced the launch of an update to its F&P myMask App, which now offers CPAP mask selection and sizing in addition to the existing step-by-step education and support video content. 

Healthcare professionals can “select, size, and assist” while with a patient or do so remotely via a text invitation to a patient’s smartphone. 

Without the need for conventional physical sizing guides, this feature reduces the time and guesswork associated with traditional invasive sizing. It offers consistent selection and sizing standards, regardless of the type of mask. Physicians and clinicians can have confidence in better understanding their patients and accurately selecting the best size for them.

The F&P myMask App sizing accuracy was tested on 73 participants in 2023. When compared to the use of calipers, the F&P myMask App was found to have a median accuracy of >91% across three measures: face height, nose height, and nose width.

“This addition to the F&P myMask App demonstrates our commitment to developing innovative technology to support our OSA mask offering,” says Justin Callahan, president of North America and Europe at Fisher & Paykel Healthcare, in a release. “The new selection and sizing modules, combined with the step-by-step education and support videos, offer a first-of-its-kind tool for patients and clinicians to help increase confidence and compliance.”

This service is now available via invitation only in the United States and is expected to launch in Canada, Australasia, and Europe in the coming months.

“Our focus on doing what’s best for the patient continues to motivate us,” says Andrew Somervell, vice president of products and technology, in a release. “Our aim with this new feature is to improve healthcare professionals’ efficiency, increase patient engagement, and make the patient set-up and support process easier.”

Photo caption: Patient using the app remotely

Photo credit: Fisher & Paykel Healthcare