Circadiance, provider of continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) products for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), has launched its latest product, the SleepWeaver Advance soft cloth nasal CPAP mask with the Zzzephyr Seal.

“The evolution of this product is the result of ongoing communication with our customers, reseller network, and sleep technicians throughout the world,” said David Groll, CEO. “Our focus on quality through feedback has led to the re-engineering and significant improvement to our successful SleepWeaver soft cloth nasal CPAP mask providing an even better fit and seal.”

Circadiance utilizes a variety of methods to communicate with its customers including strong relationships with national home health care providers, a wide ranging reseller network, dedicated customer service representatives, and a loyal online community.

“These improvements are in line with our company goals of introducing a variety of products that provide the CPAP patient a comfortable experience as well as offering the DME resellers and sleep lab professionals an alternative to the traditional hard plastic CPAP masks,” said Groll.

The feedback received has led to improvements throughout, including:

  • An improved fit and seal as a result of enhancements to the Zzzephyr Seal;
  • Enhanced headgear providing a better fit for a broader range of patients; and
  • When combined with the new SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube, a complete comfort package is available.

As with previous renditions of the SleepWeaver soft cloth nasal CPAP mask, the SleepWeaver Advance inflates like a balloon, softly conforming to the patient’s face and creating an intimate seal. Along with the improvements designed into the Zzzephyr Seal, the SleepWeaver Advance provides a unique fit designed for comfort and restorative sleep.