Circadiance, Export, Pa, plans to release a number of new CPAP products in 2012. The new products come as the company marks its fifth year.

According to the company, these new products are aimed at providing patients with an alternative to hard plastic CPAP masks and a more comfortable CPAP experience. In addition, these products will offer DME resellers and sleep lab professionals a CPAP alternative for patients.

“There was and still is a high level of CPAP non-compliance because patients are dissatisfied with their hard plastic CPAP masks,” says David Groll, CEO. “There are inherent limitations to making a CPAP mask with hard plastic. The soft cloth design overcomes these limitations, providing a more comfortable experience for the CPAP patient.”

Circadiance already offers the SleepWeaver Mask, a 100% soft-cloth CPAP mask, as well as the SleepWeaver Feather Weight Tube, which was introduced last year.