Nestlé subsidiary and nutrition company Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has agreed to acquire the business of IM HealthScience with its melatonin brand REMfresh, as well as its digestive brands of IBgard, FDgard, and Fiber Choice.

“Science, patents, and meaningful differentiation has enabled our company to grow at several times faster than the market,” says Fred Hassan, chairman and founder of IM HealthScience, in a release. “IBgard, FDgard, and Fiber Choice have become the number-one recommended by gastroenterologists in their own segments, and REMfresh is the number-one sleep aid recommended by sleep specialists. The high repeat purchase rates of our four brands attest to the high patient satisfaction. We are glad that our brands have helped millions and now, under Nestlé Health Science’s able hand, millions more will benefit around the world. We are confident that under the dynamic leadership of Greg Behar, our products will keep thriving and growing.”