The board of directors of SleepSafe Drivers taps the company’s long-time second in command, Adrian Knight, RRT, to lead the company following the founder’s retirement in early Q2.

Knight, current chief operating officer, is named president and CEO following the retirement of founder Dana Voien early in the second quarter. Voien remains on the company’s board of directors, and Knight became its newest member on June 1. SleepSafe Drivers handles sleep apnea and fatigue management programs for the transportation industry.

Adrian Knight, RRT

“Although retiring is a little bittersweet, I couldn’t be more comfortable with the Board’s choice of successor,” says Dana Voien, founder and outgoing CEO, SleepSafe Drivers, in a release. “Beyond his company and industry knowledge, Adrian combines a great mix of operations acumen, clinical prowess, and a patient-centric mission.”

Knight first joined SleepSafe in 2011 and helped launch its patented Sure-ID chain-of-custody component for home sleep apnea testing (HSAT). Over nine years he has held a variety of titles, most recently COO, and has been instrumental in coupling company innovations with new technologies for better sleep apnea testing and treatment industry wide. Keeping the driver’s health and welfare as the focus, he developed policies and procedures for using virtual physician consults and HSATs for better navigation of the oft-complicated process.

“I am excited to lead this extraordinarily dedicated team,” says Knight in a release. “Great patient care goes beyond improving health, it requires a holistic view that addresses a driver’s concerns and fears with empathy while offering real-world solutions. It is also our shared mission; one we don’t take lightly.”

Knight has more than 31 years in the sleep and respiratory industry. He has several patents and internationally published papers. He owned a sleep lab and DME company and led both sales and clinical teams at leading sleep and oxygen med-device companies.