Vanda Pharmaceuticals Inc, maker of Hetlioz, has partnered with Erik Weihenmayer, the only blind person to climb Mount Everest, to raise awareness of Non-24 Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder. Weihenmayer will support the Non-24 Share More Campaign and launch the expert podcast series available at This national education initiative aims to raise awareness for Non-24, a chronic circadian rhythm disorder that affects up to 70% of people who are totally blind.

“Most people know me for being an extreme adventurer, but what they may not know is that I have been diagnosed with a circadian rhythm disorder. My symptoms have led me to believe that I am one of the many totally blind Americans living with Non-24,” says Weihenmayer in a release. “This disorder has challenged me both personally and professionally, but I have learned to manage my symptoms through the support of my family and physician. I hope that my story will empower those living with Non-24 to learn more about this disorder and speak with their physician.”

The Non-24 Share More Campaign includes an expert podcast series, as well as insights from physicians, life coaches, and individuals living with this disorder. By tuning in to the podcast series, listeners can access helpful information on Non-24, tips for managing symptoms, and advice on maintaining healthy relationships and being productive at work. New podcast segments will be available the last Tuesday of every month.

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