Alarm clock and sleep tracking app Sleep Cycle recently released “Sleep Cycle Sleep Training,” which is designed to improve users sleep in two weeks through education and personalized daily guides. The program was developed in partnership with Martin Reed, MEd, CHES, CCSH, a sleep coach from CCSH is a “certification in sleep health,” available through the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists.

Inspired by a decade of sleep data collected through voluntarily and anonymously shared information from Sleep Cycle users, this training is based on real insights and experiences from worldwide users and incorporates the expertise and knowledge from Reed.

“The idea of sleep training based on aggregated sleep data and cognitive behavioral therapy wasn’t new to our team, but once established it needed time to mature and find its natural place within the product,” says Andreas Roman, head of content at Sleep Cycle, in a release. “Even more important, it required a credible and established sleep coach partner to assure high quality user experience and results. After doing our research, it was evident that Reed was the perfect choice.”

Available for free to all Sleep Cycle users, the 14-day Sleep Training will consist of daily email prompts, providing valuable insights on the ways sleep patterns can differ for each person along with daily suggestions to guide each user on the road to better sleep.

Sample prompts include:

  • Sleep and Change—a look at ways each user can begin making adaptations to start improving their sleep;
  • Regularity and Sleep—shares insights on ways users can regulate their sleep in a way that is realistic to their lifestyle; and
  • Sleeping Area—provides expertise on the best ways to modify the sleeping area (beyond furniture arrangements) to aid with falling asleep.

The ideal candidate for the sleep training is someone who is experiencing challenges falling or staying asleep, according to Sleep Cycle, but adds that users who are not currently experiencing sleep issues will still find the training valuable.

To activate Sleep Training, participants must download the app and activate the option within the app. Once activated, users will receive training materials via email.