CNET reviews common ways that sleep deprivation harms human health.

Sleep deprivation affects virtually every part of your brain, but particular research emphasis has been placed on the hippocampus, an important center in your brain responsible for memory formation and learning. 

Because lack of sleep can impair judgment so profoundly, it’s common for people experiencing sleep loss to make mistakes or cause accidents — something that can cause major harm if your job requires you to make quic

Poor sleep can impede collagen and elastin production and slow the turnover of skin cells. Sleep loss also affects the production of certain hormones, including human growth hormone and cortisol, which contribute to the health of your skin. Over time, all this can lead to premature skin aging.

Researchers have found that lack of sleep contributes to less diversity in the gut (more diversity is good) and can alter the functioning of your gut. Your gut even has its own circadian rhythm that can change when your brain’s circadian rhythm is messed up.

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