Independent mattress and futon manufacturer Gold Bond Mattress Co is seeing an increase in demand for its futons during the COVID-19 pandemic. The company’s futon sales have increased 25% since early April.

Colleges across the United States shortened spring semesters, shifted to online learning, and sent students home to prevent the spread of the virus through dormitories. The boomerang effect, which sees adult children returning to their parents’ homes, has climbed exponentially during the pandemic with government data estimating 2.9 million adults moved back home during the first half of this year. The shift has created the need for shared physical space and products that serve a dual-purpose.

“The boomerang generation is taking on an entirely new meaning during this pandemic, as young adults are returning to the family nest in record numbers,” says Robert Naboicheck, president of Gold Bond Mattress, in a release. “School closures and the economic shutdown have forced families to re-evaluate living spaces and to invest in products that provide space-saving solutions. Bedrooms that have been converted into home offices or studios now need to do double-duty as functional sleep areas. Futons offer that solution, and our retail partners, through brick and mortar and online stores, are reaping the rewards in increased sales.”