The Independent: Is there a link between adverse cardiovascular events and insomnia?

Insomnia was found to be the third biggest risk factor for recurrent major heart problems, including heart disease. Almost half of the patients with heart disease also suffer from insomnia, a new study has found. The link between insomnia and the risk of recurrent major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) was found to be “significant.”

Published in the journal Sleep Advances, the study has found nearly 50 percent of all heart disease patients have insomnia.

Lead author of the study Lars Frojd said: “Sleep problems are linked to mental health issues, but our study found that insomnia was still significantly associated with heart events even after accounting for symptoms of anxiety or depression.”

Frojd added: “The findings suggest that heart disease patients should be assessed for insomnia and offered appropriate management.”

The results of the study suggest insomnia should be considered as a risk factor for heart disease.

Frojd concluded: “Our study indicates that insomnia is common in heart disease patients and is linked with subsequent cardiovascular problems regardless of risk factors, co-existing health conditions and symptoms of mental health.”

Furthermore, Frojd believes “research is needed to examine whether insomnia treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy and digital applications are effective in this patient group”.

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