NeuroScience Inc has launched NeuroSLP, a medical protocol that tests for potential imbalances in the hormones and neurotransmitters that regulate sleep. According to the company, this protocol enhances a clinician’s ability to make more informed decisions regarding patient care.

The system combines sleep biochemistry information with laboratory testing to help health care practitioners pinpoint potential imbalances, and develop more targeted therapeutic regimens for individual patients. The protocol includes an enhanced noninvasive lab test that measures the key neurotransmitters and hormones in sleep biochemistry. The concentration of melatonin, classically considered the "sleep hormone," is only one of 12 biomarkers in the profile. Other sleep-influencing hormones and neurotransmitters measured include cortisol, y-amino butyric acid (GABA), and serotonin.

Coupled with an array of sleep-promoting interventions with differing modes of action, the protocol can be used by clinicians to tailor therapies to patients’ individual biochemical profiles, potentially increasing positive outcomes and reducing unwanted side effects. NeuroSLP is offered exclusively through clinicians and the test profile is submittable to insurance, according to the company.