Ozonics International LLC, New York, seeks a sleep laboratory in the New
York-Tri-State area to help test a prototype for a new sleep device
technology intended to alleviate insomnia.
The patent-protected device uses noninvasive technology to slow down brain
waves, leading to relaxation and sleep. The company’s founder, Gerard
Sunnen, MD, is seeking to implement the clinical trial immediately. “In
return for the use of their facility, EEG technology and staff, Ozonics will
credit the sleep lab we work with in all major future promotion of the new
device which we hope to bring to market in 2008,” said Sunnen.
The company is presently looking for a reputable sleep laboratory in the
area, preferably an accredited facility, to conduct a pilot study,
specifically using EEG equipment. Sleep labs in the NY-tri-state area
interested in the project should contact Sunnen directly at (212) 679-0679
or via email at [email protected].