The team of ThePleasantDream, a dream interpretation website analyzed the Google search data for September and observed a stark rise in the searches for the query “dream of childbirth” and “giving birth.”

The query “dream of childbirth” increased by 192% over the past 12 months. Graph provided by ThePleasantDream

Birthdays are most common in the month of September in many countries. Several factors and studies are present surrounding this phenomenon. One concept suggests that if one counts back nine months from September, one lands in December, a time when people have winter festivities and generally remain indoors. People often take vacations and spend more intimate time with their partners, which explains the high conception rate at this time.

Further, biology and evolution suggest that humans have evolved to favor winter conception. Babies conceived during winter months would be born around early fall, when food resources are abundant, predicting a better survival rate for both the baby and mother.

If someone is expecting a child or knows someone due to give birth in September, the anticipation and excitement surrounding this event can lead to dreams about childbirth. Pregnancy and impending parenthood are major life events that can occupy a person’s thoughts and dreams.

The above-given graph shows the worldwide search volume for the query “dream of childbirth”‘ for the past 12 months. The Google Trends and Glimpse data indicates a significant rise in the search query by 192% compared to August. The search volume for the query spiked the most in September.

In August, the worldwide search volume for the keyword was 1,000, which tremendously increased in September. The graph validates that people may dream about childbirth in September due to subconscious worries or excitement about pregnancy, parenthood, or other related issues, significantly impacting people’s search behavior.

A Rise for the Search Query ‘Giving Birth Dreams’ by 56%

A rise of 56% for “giving birth dreams” as per Google Trends and Glimpse. Graph provided by ThePleasantDream

The above graph shows a rise of 56% in the search volume for the “giving birth dreams” keyword. The search volume for the query had a steady high and low, but it spiked the most in September this year, as per Google Trends and Glimpse data.  

If someone is going to have a baby or knows someone who will have a baby in September, they might dream about childbirth because they’re excited and thinking a lot about it.

Other Possible Reasons for a Hike in the Search Query of ‘Dream of Childbirth’

Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, reviewer and certified psychiatrist of ThePleasantDream, says in a release, “This dream is a sign of a fresh start, a new project, a relationship that is about to bloom. It’s all about hope, excitement, anticipation, growth, and success.” 

She shared some of the most probable reasons why people might see childbirth dreams:

  • You have started a new phase of your life, which is exciting and joyful.
  • It can represent your childlike and innocent self.
  • This symbolizes your ability to eliminate old habits of thinking and behaving.
  • It denotes a sign of growth and prosperity.
  • It can also represent your inherent fears and insecurities.
  • You lack the confidence to remove the hurdles, making you more vulnerable and feeble.

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