Cheero USA has released the second generation Sleepion on Kickstarter. According to Cheero, Sleepion 2 helps you sleep better by inducing sleep the natural way without the use of pills and medication.

With the addition of three modes, Sleepion 2 can be used throughout the day. Concentration mode comes loaded with songs deigned to help focus the brain with upbeat melodies. Relaxation mode comes with mellow beats that help the brain rest without falling into a deep sleep. Bluetooth mode allows users to play their own relaxation music while traveling or play the latest hits when with friends.

The Aroma Rings included in with the Sleepion 2 offers a mess and hassle free way to enjoy natural aromas from around the world. Germanium, Lemon Grass, Lavendar, Hinoki, and Forrest are the 5 scents that are included to help induce sleep, relaxation, and concentration. With the addition of “blanks,” users can now soak their favorite oils onto the rings for a truly customizable scent.