BEDGEAR, the official performance bedding partner of the Boston Red Sox, unveiled a newly designed sleep room for the players in the team clubhouse at Fenway Park, fully equipped with the BEDGEAR performance sleep system, selected by the players during the exclusive player fitting at spring training.

During the player fitting, BEDGEAR experts had one-on-one sessions with each player, trainer, and coach to build their sleep system, ensuring proper fit based on sleep position and body type. Each player has begun receiving their BEDGEAR Performance products, including their personalized performance pillow and airflow-enhancing sheets. As the players enter the new BEDGEAR sleep room, the company’s patented pillow cart will house each player’s preferred performance pillow so they can enjoy their same personalized fit bedding selections from home during their on-site recovery periods.

“I’m thrilled to see the Red Sox so motivated and what they are accomplishing already this season,” says Eugene Alletto, BEDGEAR CEO, in a release. “By fitting the team early at spring training, we were able to ensure great recovery to help the players achieve more on the field. Now the Fenway sleep room allows the same personalized sleep experience in the ballpark, creating the most successful footing for continued performance.”

Originally installed back in 2013, the sleep room continues to be a priority to the team to help players be well-prepared and rested for every game. Getting ideal recovery is a crucial aspect of performance training and the new competitive edge the Red Sox are adopting to boost player’s physical achievements for the season. “We consider sleep to be one of the most important activities we do as human beings,” says Red Sox director of sports medicine service and head athletic trainer Brad Pearson. “It is while we sleep that peak physical and mental recovery occurs. While this is important to us all, it is imperative in a sport such as baseball, where the players are required to play each and every day.”

The BEDGEAR sleep system begins with the sleep surface, followed by a performance personalized pillow, mattress protector, sheets, and the recently introduced performance blanket.