Can you solve this sleep medicine-themed crossword puzzle, designed specifically for Sleep Review readers? A hard copy published in the May 2019 issue.


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1 Home sleep apnea testing device by Itamar Medical
6 Diagnostic image
9 The “a” in the STOP-Bang Questionnaire
11 Lung ____ is measured by spirometry
12 Hotels are starting to offer options for this sleep essential
14 Cumulative total
16 Chromosomal maps: they interact with the environment in relation to sleep patterns
18 Fixed
20 Tantalum symbol
21 Measuring system
23 ____ driving, danger on the road
25 Managed
27 Associated Press, for short
28 Dangerous drug, in slang
29 Color
30 Large deer
32 Casual synonym for sleep
34 Less dangerous
35 Biorhythm-regulating hormone
36 Dieters’ units, abbr.


1 You may hear them crash in sound machines
2 Previously
3 Transmission of data from instrument readings
4 Run smoothly
5 Dawn time
7 Makes tranquil
8 Innovative
10 Natural substances that indicate a biological state
13 Sleep surgeon
15 Put into practice
17 When shift workers sleep
19 Song syllable
20 Recipe measurement, for short
21 Sound from the farm
22 Suppress
24 Not somnolent
26 Cell that transmits nerve impulses
31 In a recent study, consumption of these was associated with less difficulty in maintaining sleep
32 Mobile phone card
33 Website abbreviation

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