Formed as a joint venture between ResMed and Verily (Google parent company Alphabet’s life sciences division), sleep solution Primasun launched this week at HLTH 2022.

Through its preventive care model, Primasun works with employers and healthcare providers to identify populations at risk and connects patients to certified sleep physicians who guide them from diagnosis to treatment in a matter of weeks.

“Sleep is the foundation of physical and mental health, and at Primasun, we believe there’s an opportunity to build a more efficient, equitable healthcare solution that helps patients clinically improve their sleep, and in turn, their quality of life,” says Jonathon Lobbins, CEO of Primasun, in a release. “We’re proud to offer a solution that lowers barriers to care, empowers patients to take control of their health, and helps reduce poor sleep’s strain on the home, workplace, and healthcare system.”

Primasun’s initial product offering connects patients with certified sleep physicians who diagnose and treat obstructive sleep apnea, clinically evaluate patients with insomnia symptoms, and provide guidance to improve sleep hygiene.

“The clinical proof is clear: Diagnosing and treating sleep disorders can help people live healthier and longer, be safer and more present in their work and personal lives, and lower their healthcare costs,” says Carlos M. Nunez, MD, chief medical officer of ResMed and Primasun board member, in a release. “We’re thrilled to see Primasun generate greater awareness about the importance of sleep and help pave more equitable pathways for people to optimize their sleep and overall health.”

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