An authoritative and comprehensive guide to the practice of sleep medicine, the latest edition of the book the Principles and Practice of Sleep Medicine, is now available for purchase.

Written as a resource for clinicians, the book covers the basic science of sleep as well as emerging advances in the management and treatment of diverse patient populations. It includes resources to help providers make informed clinical decisions for optimal patient care, including illustrations and online materials.

New coverage includes information on the sleep of intersex and transgender people, consumer sleep trackers, phenotyping of sleep apnea, advanced modes of PAP therapy, COVID-19, as well as the social and racial disparities in sleep.

Produced during the COVID-19 pandemic, and amid ongoing natural disasters that swept across the country, there were many obstacles to completing the book, says author Meir H. Kryger, MD, FRCPC, a professor of sleep medicine, critical care and pulmonology at Yale School of Medicine.

Despite difficult conditions, including the death of one of the chief editors, the researcher known as the father of sleep medicine, Bill Dement, MD, PhD, during the preparation of the book, Kryger says, “The final product in my eyes is beautiful and scholarly and is a testament to all the authors and section editors who worked in sometimes trying conditions.”

Highlights from the two-volume book, include a new section, “From Childhood to Adulthood,” which covers the transition of children with sleep disorders, when appropriate, to adult clinics.

The book contains 2 volumes, 23 sections, 213 chapters, and 2,009 pages.