Sleep diagnostics and therapy company BRAEBON Medical Corp has acquired the OrthoFresh brand of cold water oral dental appliance cleaner. OrthoFresh is a mint flavored, cold water cleaner and cleans all types of dental appliances including oral appliances for sleep apnea, mouth guards, dentures, orthodontic appliances, retainers, and splints.

“The OrthoFresh acquisition is a good strategic fit within BRAEBON’s overall ‘Test. Treat. Trac.’  long-term strategy,” says BRAEBON CEO Richard Bonato, PhD, in a release. “This quality brand will be continued to be made in the USA and we look forward to enhancing the product into the future.”

BRAEBON marketing product manager, Davis Iyoha, BDS, MBA, CKM, says in a release, “OrthoFresh represents a growth opportunity for BRAEBON and we will develop downstream opportunities through both direct-to-patient retail and distribution channel strategies.”