Vancouver, Canada-based AR Medical Technologies launches MaskFit AR, a mobile app platform powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that finds a well-fitting mask for people who use CPAP or bilevel devices to treat their sleep apnea.

Its CPAP mask database is integrated with a neural network of input from facial measurements, demographic data, clinical data, and user satisfaction scores.

MaskFit AR is compatible with any smartphone or tablet and additional software or proprietary hardware is not required. Available for download on the App Store or Google Play for both iOS and Android, users can take immediate advantage of MaskFit AR’s 3D image capturing capabilities available on the latest iPhone X and iPad Pro “TrueDepth” camera technology. Current and older Apple or Android smart phones with high-resolution cameras can also provide accurate 2D image scanning. To maximize privacy and security, MaskFit AR does not transmit, record, or process any images or photos on our servers.

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MaskFit AR is purpose built to support institutions (sleep labs, DME providers, and online CPAP equipment vendors) towards improving clinical outcomes and inventory efficiencies while reducing waste from discarded masks. Through the MaskFit AR Web Portal, institutional partners can safely and securely manage patients while connected to a HIPAA compliant and high-performance server network. MaskFit AR can be used in-person or for remote telemedicine contactless mask fitting, especially in pandemic environments.

AR Medical Technologies is working in collaboration with Mayo Clinic for continued system validation of the MaskFit AR technology platform. In research and development since 2013, MaskFit AR has now officially launched and is available for consumer download and will be deployed through our institutional partners across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South America, United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

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