The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is partnering with Samsung Electronics Ltd to provide millions of Samsung device users with sleep health education and tailored information on the Samsung Health app, available on the new Galaxy Watch3, released today.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch3 will feature an updated sleep tracking function that will generate a “sleep score” within the Samsung Health app. Users’ sleep scores will be accompanied by NSF educational sleep health messages.

“Samsung has been evolving its sleep management offering since its introduction in 2014. Now, we are excited to take it to the next level by working with a leading sleep expert, the National Sleep Foundation, to provide users with a deeper understanding of their sleep,” says Taejong Jay Yang, corporate SVP and head of health team, mobile communications business at Samsung Electronics, in a release. “And, when combined with the broad range of health and fitness metrics available in Samsung Health, users can get better insight into their overall wellbeing to help them feel their best selves.”

“We are enthusiastic to collaborate with a global technology leader like Samsung to reach millions of people across the world with sleep health information,” says NSF CEO John Lopos in a release. “Samsung is making another commitment to its users by involving NSF as they look to advance sleep health through their devices. NSF’s mission is to improve the sleep health and well-being of the public and this work is one way to help us achieve that goal.”

As technology and health become more intertwined, NSF plans to partner with industry leaders like Samsung to reach more consumers and achieve the organization’s sleep health mission.