The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) is collaborating with Seoul, South Korea-based ASLEEP Inc to identify opportunities that can advance sleep health in South Korea and beyond through increased awareness and education. 

While based in the United States, NSF’s research and education have been used in multiple global markets to help increase understanding about the importance of sleep health, and NSF’s peer-reviewed journal, Sleep Health, also features an increased number of manuscript submissions on population sleep health research from outside the US. 

“The National Sleep Foundation is here to help anyone and everyone be their Best Slept Self,” says NSF CEO John Lopos in a release. “So we are especially encouraged to have the opportunity to collaborate further with ASLEEP Inc and play a part in helping the Korean public improve their sleep. We also continue to advocate for important innovations in SleepTech and its potential and promise to advance sleep health wherever it is used.”

ASLEEP Inc, a four-year-old sleep tech company focused on artificial intelligence and sleep-breathing sound data, was featured in the economic delegation during this week’s US-South Korea Summit in Washington, DC. They have established subject matter expertise in breathing sounds during sleep. The two organizations previously collaborated on research in the US and Korea about sleep behaviors and the public’s use and attitudes toward sleep technology, the results of which were presented in March at the Sleep.Tech.Life. 2023 conference, hosted by ASLEEP in Seoul, South Korea. 

“We are pleased to affirm our commitment to help with awareness and education about sleep health by collaborating with the National Sleep Foundation,” says Dong Heon Lee, CEO of ASLEEP Inc, in a release. “ASLEEP Inc is sharing our vision with key stakeholders in Korea across industry, government, and clinical institutions, but we also are a technology innovator that is committed to developing novel and accessible sleep solutions to be used by people everywhere.”

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