Yahoo!Life: After consulting with several sleep experts, a writer upgrades her sleep hygiene for a week and shares her results.

Sip water first thing—and stay hydrated.

Sleep in and of itself is a thirst-inducing event. According to Breus, your body loses around a liter of water every night, mainly from breathing, so you’ll need fluid to replenish it in the morning. Plus, some studies show that going to bed thirsty can mess with your sleep-wake cycle. A large population study published in the journal Sleep found that participants who slept just six hours were significantly more dehydrated than those who nabbed eight. I was worried all that water would be, um, disruptive in the middle of the night—but as long as I hit the loo before bed, I was fine. Did the H2O help my sleep? Dunno. But it can’t have hurt.