Restworks has launched The Pod Pair, The Wellness Room, and The Zen Pack.

To address the growing problem of chronic fatigue in the workplace, Restworks, a company launched by the makers of MetroNaps EnergyPod workplace napping chair, has developed a product line. It includes workplace short rest installations for corporations, universities, and hospitals, and includes comprehensive sleep solution packages. The official launch of the Restworks product line took place at the Employee Healthcare & Benefits Congress held in Washington, DC.

Sleep Crisis?

The issue of sleep deprivation among employees in the United States is a significant problem, and one that can have serious affects both professionally and personally. “The lack of sufficient good sleep has an enormous impact on the American workforce in terms of both productivity and health. In fact, the lack of sleep can result in a 30% decline in alertness at work and has cost the US over $63.2 billion in lost productivity per year,” explains Christopher Lindholst, CEO of Restworks, in an e-mail interview to Sleep Review. “Needless to say, Americans are experiencing a sleep crisis.”

Restworks Solution

According to Lindholst, installations intended for short periods of rest can have a number of benefits for employees’ productivity and health. “Short rest installations boost alertness, productivity, learning, and long-term well being by providing a sanctioned space for naps,” says Lindholst. “Systematically napping at least three days a week is associated with a 37% lower risk of coronary heart disease…simply put, napping could help save your heart.”

Restworks offers the following packages: The Pod Pair, The Wellness Room, and The Zen Pack. The Pod Pair package includes two napping pods along with active noise cancelling headphones; The Wellness Room promotes a relaxing environment with three elegant recliners and leg support as well as a neck pillow, clean wipe dispenser, and room mist dispenser; The Zen Pack is a combination of wellness equipment that includes one recliner, a napping pod, massage chair, and various accessories. (All of the packages include maintenance, technical support, a warranty, and the Restworks sleep app, Lindholst says.)

Lindholst notes that the products are suitable for an array of facilities and have been installed in fitness centers, hospitals, colleges, and universities. Restworks will also serve as the US distributor for the EnergyPod napping chair manufactured by MetroNaps.

“We created the Restworks concept based on our years of experience installing napping pods at MetroNaps. The market has matured further and there was a clear opportunity to service the corporate market with a broad portfolio of solutions and equipment,” says Lindholst.

A Restful Future

The company also plans to launch a mobile application to support employee rest. The Sleep Cognition App provides audio content to assist with sleep, napping, guided relaxation, and focusing on work, explains Lindholst. The forthcoming app can be used as a standalone application or in conjunction with any of Restworks’ solutions for sleep.

“Restworks has developed its offerings in discussion with our client base. We will continue to seek new equipment and services to meet their needs,” says Lindholst. “Our goal is to be a resource for corporations, hospitals, and universities in terms of supporting employee daytime rest and nighttime sleep.”

Cassandra Perez is associate editor for Sleep Review. CONTACT [email protected]