Zynex Inc has entered into a strategic agreement with California-based Advanced Brain Monitoring to sell, market, and distribute their Sleep Profiler™ and Apnea Guard® devices, and InsomniCare(SM) service within the United States.

“Advanced Brain Monitoring’s products are cutting-edge technology and represent a key element for Zynex to expand its presence further in the sleep disorder market,” said Thomas Sandgaard, Zynex president and CEO. “We believe the agreement with Advanced Brain Monitoring will provide us with a significant revenue opportunity in our Zynex NeuroDiagnostics subsidiary.”

Advanced Brain Monitoring’s Sleep Profiler device and InsomniCare service enable hospitals, sleep centers, and clinicians to expand the scope of patient care nationwide. The company’s Apnea Guard device helps to reduce the costs of sleep apnea treatment by providing clinicians a low-cost means to identify patients who will benefit before ordering a more expensive custom oral appliance.

Daniel J. Levendowski, Advanced Brain Monitoring president, continued, “The introduction of new products into the medical marketplace is challenging given the changing landscape of healthcare. We entered into this strategic relationship with Zynex NeuroDiagnostics in large part because the quality of their sales team enables delivery of a sophisticated product explanation to our customers.”