Pullach, Germany-based Linde Healthcare is dedicated to research and innovative developments. The company’s REALfund supports purposeful solutions within respiratory medicine that benefit patients and caregivers alike. For further information and to apply, visit the REALfund website.

With the REALfund, Linde Healthcare, a global business unit of The Linde Group, addresses anyone working in the field of respiratory diseases and related comorbidities to submit their ideas and apply for funding for their research work. Whether you are an academic researcher, physician, nurse, technician, or industrial designer, or are active in a patient organization, projects with the potential to develop better respiratory care solutions are welcome. Throughout the care continuum from hospital to home, the REALfund supports ideas that improve the quality of care and life of patients, help doctors or medical staff, relieve pressure on healthcare facilities, or optimize health economics. Relevant projects will be funded with up to EUR 75,000 depending on their complexity. To be considered for the next funding period, applications can be submitted until June 30, 2014. The decision on grants will be taken following a thorough review process involving medical and scientific experts and the grantees will be honored on September 8, 2014 in Munich, Germany.

Dr Christian Wojczewski, head of Linde Healthcare, says in a release: “For us, the interaction with medical communities and scientific societies is extremely important in helping make bright new ideas become ‘real.’ Our REALfund supports researchers in transforming their ideas into daily practice for the benefit of healthcare professionals and patients alike.”