Graymark Healthcare Inc, a provider of diagnostic sleep services, realized a 225% year-over-year increase in patient resupply shipments in January, a record level for what is typically a slow month.

In January, Graymark shipped 659 resupply parts relating to their CPAP machines and also realized growth in the number of sleep studies performed through their higher margin outreach programs. The number of sleep therapy setups also increased versus January 2010.

The resupply portion of Graymark’s business is a recurring revenue model. Patients compliant on their CPAP devices receive four shipments of component parts per year.

"This record January demonstrates the momentum of our comprehensive care model," said Stanton Nelson, chairman and CEO of Graymark Healthcare. "Increasing rates of CPAP resupply orders and higher margin agreements are key barometers that show we are successfully providing timely and high-quality sleep management programs."