A new survey shows most people believe sleep impacts overall health and daily functioning, yet many still have difficulty accessing quality, effective care.

Summary: Gem Specialty Health Inc released its State of Sleep & Care in 2024 report, highlighting that while 89% of respondents recognize sleep’s impact on long-term health, many have difficulty accessing quality sleep care. The March survey revealed that 50% of respondents find it difficult to sleep seven-plus hours per night. Additionally, 40% reported challenges in obtaining effective sleep care, with 58% rating their received care as only “somewhat” or “not very” helpful. Key findings also indicated significant impacts on daily energy, family presence, job performance, and overall health habits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Access to Quality Sleep Care: Despite 89% recognizing sleep’s long-term health impact, many find it difficult to access effective sleep care, with 40% facing challenges in obtaining help.
  • Impact on Daily Life: A significant 97% reported that sleep affects their daily energy, and 80% believe it impacts job performance and other healthy habits.
  • Common Sleep Issues: 67% of respondents have been diagnosed with or suspect they have sleep apnea.

Gem Specialty Health Inc, a digital specialty care clinic, released its State of Sleep & Care in 2024 report, revealing that while 89% of respondents believe sleep impacts long-term health, many still find it difficult to access quality, effective sleep care.

The survey, fielded in March, prompted respondents to answer questions regarding sleep habits, sleep importance, and access to sleep care. Findings indicate that respondents believe sleep is “extremely important” to their quality of life, but 50% still find it difficult to sleep seven-plus hours per night, as recommended by the National Institute of Health.

Respondents indicated they have sought help for sleep problems, such as purchasing sleep aids (45%) or booking a visit with their primary care doctor (40%). However, two in five respondents said getting help for sleep issues was “somewhat” or “very difficult,” and 58% said the care they received was only “somewhat” or “not very” helpful.

Additional Survey Findings

Other findings from the State of Sleep & Care in 2024 report indicate: 

  • 97% of people reported that sleep was impacting their daily energy
  • 74% of people think that their sleep directly impacts how present they are with their family
  • 67% of respondents either have been diagnosed with or think they have sleep apnea
  • 80% of people believe that their sleep is impacting their job performance
  • 75% of people report feeling tired most or some of the day
  • 80% of people believe that their sleep impacts whether or not they engage in other healthy habits
  • 60% of people consume caffeine to stay alert during the day

“This is an important survey, illustrating not only how important sleep is but also how challenging it is to get a night of restful slumber,” said Mike Howell, MD, chief medical officer of Gem, in a release. “The good news is that Gem is here to help people identify a common condition, sleep apnea, provide treatment options and importantly personalized support, helping coach people to better rest.”

Gem currently serves patients who have obstructive sleep apnea and is expanding to other sleep conditions. 

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